DIYDEO is THE all natural underarm deodorant concentrate that works! 


 Compared to the competitors, DIYDEO has:  

NO Aluminum!

NO Artificial Ingredients!

NO Hidden Ingredients!

MULTIPLE Odor-Fighting Ingredients!

NO Residue--Dries Quickly Upon Application!


DIYDEO is a concentrated deodorant, and with each package DIY'ers can dilute as directed and make a total of 6 fl. oz. (a 6 month supply)!



Step 1.        

To a clean, sealable, 8 ounce container, 



2 fluid ounces of distilled water                           meascupwatersm3.png


4 fluid ounces of grain alcohol (190 proof; 95%) meascupalcsm3.png


and 1 DIYDEO towelette                                        bayrum-fsm4.jpg

 ***Wash hands thoroughly after handling the towelette.  While safe once diluted, the full strength essential oils can cause irritation to sensitive skin areas (eyes, etc.).***


Step 2.         

Close container tightly & shake vigorously for 60 seconds.


Step 3.         

Dispense the final, full-strength deodorant solution into your choice of fine mist sprayer.  Discard or recycle towelette.


Why a concentrate and not just a regular strength bottle?  SHIPPING! 

Our concentrate shipping cost is just $0.50, while shipping a full-sized bottle would cost $8 or more--not to mention the cost of the deodorant/bottle/packaging.  Even with supplying your own dilution ingredients (~$0.05 for the distilled water; ~$2 for the grain alcohol) and bottle ($1 or less), you can make your own DIYDEO for ~$6 per 6 oz volume!  That's roughly $1 per month for an all natural deodorant that works!

We have 3 great fragrances to try:

Bay Rum Deodorant (Concentrate: 6 month supply)--FREE SHIPPING! bayrum-fsm.jpg

Lemonwood Deodorant (Concentrate: 6 month supply)--FREE SHIPPING! lemonwood-fsm.jpg

Sweet Vanilla Deodorant (Concentrate: 6 month supply)--FREE SHIPPING! sweetvanilla-fsm.jpg




Serving you is a 'smellebration'!


The DIYDEO Team 




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