WHY are you selling deodorant? We ask that of ourselves occasionally…


About ten years ago, the last commercial “normal” deodorant/antiperspirant on the market that Russ was able to use went away. All of those “normal” brands caused him to have huge welts in his underarms and we finally guessed that it might be the aluminum causing him the problem.


So, then we started trying “green” deodorants. The salt sticks, the sticks and sprays and all of them worked OK for a couple of hours and then…they FAILED. We live in Texas where it is both hot and very humid – sweat is just part of life in the summer around here. We thought that maybe it was just going to be part of life.


But, we’re scientists (PhD in Plant Breeding & MS in Botany). So, we've researched scientific journals identified essential oils and plant extracts that had validity to them. We were concerned about safety, so we've also made sure our ingredients are safe for skin application.


Eventually, we came up with a formulation that worked and smelled good – and started to make it just for ourselves. As I mentioned, it’s Texas and hot, so we had a lot of opportunities over the 6 or so years to “test” our formula… Occasionally, friends would ask for some of this and we gave it to them. No big deal.


Then, it occurred to us that people MIGHT be interested in actually buying this. We shook our heads, not really believing it but… sure enough, in the following few months, a LOT of folks have surprised us and encouraged us in their support of our deodorant. THANKS to all of you for the support!